When a husband and wife quarrel one day after their marriage: Lu Yuan Heng crossed his arms and said, “I paid for those shoes.” Taking into consideration what he just said and without saying anything, Gu Wei Yi took the shoes off and threw those under his feet. Lu Yuan Heng looked at her, “I bought you that jacket (blouse).” Gu Wei Yi clenched her hand into a fist, took the jacket off and threw it at him. Lu Yuan Heng moved a step forward, “I also bought you those trousers.” Gu Wei Yi pondered for a moment, clenched her teeth and removed her trousers and furiously threw it at his head. After that, Lu Yuan Heng laughed, “I also paid for that bra.” In a flash, Gu Wei Yi’s anger flared. She turned to leave, but he hugged her from behind. Blocking her from leaving, he said, “You are already my person. Where do you think you’re going?” This is a warm love story between a naive woman and a formidable man as they live together after willingly jumping into marriage.