There’s something strange in the neighborhood. The police once again are beaten to the chase for a jewelry shop hold-upper. And before that, someone has also caught a carnapper; saved a man atop a burning building; saved a baby held hostage by his father; helped an elderly cross the street; tipped off members of a Breaking and Entering gang; saved a family caught in a flood; landed a Boeing 747 with a broken engine; and exploded a giant robot. But who is this man? Will he be able to save Aling Baby? And just what soaps are celebrities using? Note: Aling- Aunt->Aling Baby- Aunt Baby Carnapper- Filipino term for carjacker, same as kidnapper but only it’s car Hold-Upper- Filipino term to an open robbery or thief to a person. It’s used when the person threatens someone, sometimes using knife or gun, in his knowledge to to give him some valuables.